Pramia awarded at Green Awards - The world greenest company Gaia Organic Vodka awarded at Green Awards - The best organic launch

At Pramia we take quality and ecological thinking very seriously. We left no stone unturned when we searched for the greenest possible way to create organic spirits.
We considered every detail – from the origin of the organic
wheat to the final packaging.

Pramia gets international recognition at Green Awards 2012

PET bottles

Some might think that using plastic is perhaps not the most environmentally friendly choice, but in fact the truth is quite the opposite. Our bottle is one of the most ecological packaging methods available. This is why.


The Pramia bottle is made of completely safe, odorless PET plastic. It has been approved for packaging alcoholic beverages and other consumables. Everything, including the closures and labels, is 100% recyclable. The closure is made of the same safe PET plastic as the bottle – not PVC!

Carbon-emission-free production

Pramia's is the first carbon-neutral production plant in Finland.
Our bottle has a 70% smaller logistics carbon footprint than a standard glass bottle.

Powered by nature

Our entire production line runs solely on wind power.
Pramia produces completely emission-free power for others to use, too.

Socially and economically responsible

We are committed to following the principles of the United Nations' guidelines on corporate social responsibility. Every year we donate 0.7% of our revenue
to international development aid programs.

Our bottles are 100% recyc

Greener logistics

The preforms used to make our plastic bottles take only 10% of the space of standard glass bottles. We don't need thick cardboard to protect our bottles, and the transport packaging is made of recyclable plastic film. This means we can fit twice as many cases on a truck, which helps us cut transport-related pollution.

Pramia's bottle has a 70% smaller logistics
carbon footprint than a standard glass bottle.

Durable and light

It's never nice finding broken glass on the sidewalk, beach, or anywhere else you spend your free time. Our bottle is nearly unbreakable and very light
– only one-seventh the weight of a standard glass bottle.

The development continues

Pramia is committed to being a responsible alcohol producer
– every day, in everything we do.

Gaia Organiv Vodka

Clean, smooth Gaia organic vodka is the flagship of Pramia's organic product selection. We're very proud of how hard we've worked to ensure its green credentials, and hope you'll enjoy drinking it as much as we've enjoyed making it.

We have done our utmost to bring you
a pure, smooth vodka that's a truly ecological choice.

Ingredients: arctic spring water, organic ethanol
37.5 %, 70 cl EU | 40 %, 75 cl USA

Usda organic certified and Eu organic certified vodka


Rhea organic gin

Rhea organic gin combines modern environmentally-friendly choices with traditional juniper and citrus flavored gin.

Ingredients: arctic spring water, organic ethanol, organic juniper extract, organic sugar, natural aromas
37.5 %, 70 cl EU

Medeia organic rum

Medeia rum is a mild and well-rounded white rum, distilled in Paraguay.

Ingredients: arctic spring water, organic rum
37.5 %, 70 cl


Apollon organic vsop cognac

Our organic VSOP cognac is produced using sustainable methods and aged in casks in France for more than four years.

Ingredients: organic French VSOP cognac
40 %, 70 cl

Botnia organic berry liqueurs

Botnia Sea Buckthorn
Botnia Sea Buckthorn has a hint of the salty sea in its fresh sea-buckthorn berry flavor. Sea buckthorn grows by the Nordic sea and has a high vitamin-C content.

Botnia Lingon
Botnia Lingon has a balanced well-rounded taste with the pleasant bite of fresh lingonberry picked from Nordic pinewood forests.

Botnia Cranberry
Botnia Cranberry has the destinctive smell and taste of the frostbitten northern cranberry that grows in Nordic forests. Cranberry has a strong tradition of medicinal use in Scandinavia.

Botnia organic berry liqueurs
21 %, 50 cl

The world's greenest company -Pramia received international recognition


On March 2012 The Drinks Business Green Awards Ceremony was held in London honoring those participating in a global competition in sustainable development and innovation in the beverage industry.

Pramia was awarded "The Green Company of the year", upon the company's complete environmental investment and the portrayal of an apparent leading role through innovations.

Additionally, Pramia's Gaia Organic Vodka was awarded best launch in a series of Best Green Launch.

Pramia has long invested in eco-friendly packaging. After several years of hard work, international recognition feels good!